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Delaware Sandblasting and Painting

Dover, Seaford, and Milford, Delaware regularly ship millions of tons of agricultural products, including livestock feed, fertilizer, seed, corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley, on barges via the Delaware River, Delaware Bay, and Chesapeake Bay. For over 30 years Janney Painting Inc. has effectively sandblasted and painted Dover, Seaford, and Milford’s grain elevators, feed mills, silos, and heavy equipment saving farm and agricultural supply companies time and money.

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Feed Mill, Grain Elevator, and Silo Painting

Janney Painting Inc. has the experienced team feed mill and grain elevator managers require to cost effectively protect their galvanized steel assets. When it comes to sandblasting and painting galvanized steel, Janney Painting Inc. starts with proper surface preparation followed the correct galvanized metal primer for maximum longevity. When painting, our team uses industry standard best testing equipment to ensure your coatings meet manufacturer recommended film thickness. Your results: An attractive, long lasting paint finish that resists rust for years to come. Unlike our competitors, we own our equipment which means we don’t pass an equipment rental cost on to you.

Heavy Equipment and Machinery Painting

Delaware feed and fertilizer manufacturers use barges and trains to transport millions of tons of livestock feed, fertilizer, seed, corn, soybeans, wheat, and barley to farmland across the U.S. Janney Painting Inc. sandblasts and paints barge loading systems, Kone cranes, draglines, truck scales, and trains, giving them a beautiful, professional new look. Clean up and protect your large equipment and machinery today. Send a positive message to the public and your employees. Call Janney Painting Inc. at 800­-606-1888 for a free bid.

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Janney will evaluate your grain silos, holding facilities, grain elevators, feed mills, fertilizer plants, and/or flour mills and provide you with a paint budget and painting timeline – free. Within a day or two of our visit you can count on us to send you a bid pack in the mail, lock in our quote prices for two years, and give you a 5 year limited warranty. No need to worry about downtime with Janney on the job. Our safety trained teams work nights and weekends – whatever it takes – to avoid interrupting your production

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