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Grain Elevators & Feed Mill Painting

When it comes to painting galvanized metal, the proper surface preparation along with the correct galvanized metal primer are crucial to longevity. For over 30 years Janney Painting Inc. contractors have effectively sandblasted and painted grain elevators and feed mills, preventing rust and corrosion. We retain a high percentage of repeat customers who trust us to perform time and time again!

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Most contractors run to the rental yard passing the high cost of renting equipment on to you. Not Janney Painting Inc. We own our own swing stages, man lifts, air compressors, sand blasters and paint sprayers as well as a fleet of trucks and road tractors to move our equipment around. This, combined with our quality workmanship and safety trained team, allows us to give our customers the best prices and the very best results. Contact Janney Painting Inc. today for free a estimate (price locked down for 2 years) accompanied by our 5 year limited warranty.

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