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Once famous as “Steel City,” Pittsburgh, PA is known today for its aggregate and agricultural industries. Throughout Pittsburgh’s industrial evolution, Janney Painting Inc. has been there, painting Pittsburgh’s tanks, quarries, truck scales, asphalt plants, and feed mills.

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Tank and Containment Painting

Janney Painting Inc.’s tank and containment painting services have protected Pittsburgh tanks from degradation and corrosion for over 30 years. Our specialized processes protects water, fuel, oil, chemical, and propane tanks inside and out using liners optimized to each. Need tank lighting or aerification systems? We install both.

Quarry Painting

Pittsburgh has quarried limestone for over 150 years, the same limestone used in bedding, fertilizer, cooking, and even antacids. Janney Painting Inc.’s expert team sandblasts, primes, and paints all quarry structures and equipment. We send a certified mine foreman to every quarry job and each of our workers are OSHA and MSHA trained. Quarry managers rely on Janney Painting Inc. to paint their screens, towers, primary crushers, conveyor belts, sand plants, secondary plants, radial stackers, log washers, and finishing plants. Own more than one quarry? Ask about our free paint budget today.

Truck Scale Painting

Not only does Janney Painting Inc. paint the trucks that haul limestone from Pittsburgh quarries, we also protect and paint the scales that weigh them. Because truck scales are subject to stress due to repetitive use, our OSHA and MSHA trained team both paints and inspects them.

Asphalt Plant and Feed Mill Painting

Pittsburgh feed mill and asphalt plant managers rely on Janney Painting Inc. to protect their buildings and equipment from rust. Because we work while your business is running, downtime isn’t a concern. We use only the correct high temperature paint on asphalt plant structures and equipment as well as the proper galvanized metal primer on feed mills. In addition, we own our own equipment which means we don’t pass on an equipment rental cost to you. For free painting timelines, free paint budgets, the smartest team, and the proper painting process, call Janney Painting Inc. today – the preferred East Coast industrial and aggregate painting contractor.

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