Industrial Painting: 6 Smart Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

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Industrial Painting: 6 Smart Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

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Industrial Painting: 6 Smart Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Contractor

Rust – It corrodes, it destroys, and it costs money – lots of money. As a matter of fact, corroded metal costs U.S. industries nearly 375 billion dollars a year. Rust is the reason all structural steel must be blasted and repainted from time to time. Although it’s tempting to hire the cheapest painting contractor, most industrial facility owners know hiring the wrong contractor typically results in higher long term costs. Want the right industrial painting company? Here are six smart questions every industrial facility owner should ask before hiring a painting contractor:

1. How long have you been in business?
Fly by night painting contractors don’t have a long track record. And, let’s face it, if they haven’t been in business long, they won’t be able to stand behind their work once they go out of business in a year or two. Janney Painting Inc. has been in the industrial painting business for over 38 years. We’ve seen fly-by-nighters come and go and have been hired to remedy the corrosion they’ve left behind. Look for a company with the experience and reputation that stands the test of time.

2. What kind of paint do you use?
Ever meet an industrial painting contractor who mixes his own paint with promises of cheaper prices? Homemade paint may look the same but often doesn’t endure like brand name paint. Janney Painting Inc. never undermines the value of your facility with cheap, homemade paint. Instead, we only use proven industrial painting brands to ensure longevity and save you budget dollars year after year. Look for proven paint brands used with the proper paint system for best results.

3. Would you describe your in-house safety training program?
Industrial painting requires a safety trained trained team. Some contractors offer an in-house safety training program and some do not. Every Janney Painting Inc. team member completes our comprehensive in-house MSHA training program. In addition, each one of our foremen has at least 10 years painting and sandblasting experience. All Janney Painting Inc. employees are both OSHA trained and confined space trained. Look for an industrial painting contractor with a strong in-house safety training program.

4. Do you own your own equipment?
This is a no brainer. Industrial painting companies who rent equipment simply pass on the rental costs to you. Janney Painting Inc. own our equipment enabling us to provide the very best quality for the dollar. For best quality work, look for a contractor who owns rather than rents equipment.

5. Do you stand behind your work?
Not every industrial painting contractor offers a warranty option. This is how fly-by-nighters flourish. They spray water on your facility, slap on some homemade paint, and, in less than a year, the paint flakes off and rust takes over. Janney Painting Inc. stands behind our work. Look for an industrial painting company with a reputation for proven service accompanied by a warranty option.

6. Do you offer a free paint budget?
A paint budget is a great way for multiple facility owners to plan ahead. Janney Painting Inc evaluates multiple industrial facilities and creates paint budgets for facility owners for free. Look for an industrial painting contractor who helps you now and in the future. Ask for a free paint budget.

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