Sandblasting or Power Washing: Which is Better?

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Sandblasting or Power Washing: Which is Better?

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Sandblasting or Power Washing: Which is Better?

Structural steel requires maintenance and this tough economy doesn’t leave room for maintenance errors. Because plant managers decide how to spend maintenance dollars, they’re often faced with the question, “Should I sandblast or power wash?” Here are 4 reasons sandblasting is the smart budget choice:

1. Only sandblasting goes deep enough to remove embedded rust. Power washing simply touches the surface. In other words, power washing doesn’t remove all old paint. This means the new coat on top is only as good as the old paint under it. Worse yet, power washing doesn’t remove embedded rust. Sandblasting is the only sure way to remove embedded rust and maintain MSHA compliance.

2. Sandblasting costs less than power washing. Sure, power washing seems less expensive at first, yet over time it proves itself to be the costlier choice. Why? Because sandblasting and painting give your equipment and structures 10 -15 years worth of protection. Power washing offers no longevity. Simple math proves sandblasting is cost effective.

3. Sandblasting achieves the proper blast profile and creates a fresh, new surface. Only sandblasting creates the proper blast profile plus it enhances coating adhesives. Power washing can’t accomplish this. If you took your rusty car to a body shop, would you want them to paint over the rust or remove it and start with a clean new surface?

4. Sandblasting enables your plant or facility to keep producing. Power washing does not. Metals corrosion costs the U.S. over 300 billion dollars a year. As a matter of fact, 40% of all steel produced is used to replace corroded parts and products. Sandblasting down to the proper blast profile and then painting with time tested, brand name paint is the only way to prevent corrosion.

For over 30 years Janney Painting Inc. has provided our customers with practical corrosion control measures. We protect and extend the life of fuel facilities, quarries, concrete plants, asphalt plants, heavy equipment, water towers, smokestacks, feed mills, bridges, and tanks. Call us today and we’ll schedule a free visit to your plant and give you a painting time line or budget projection at no cost to you. And, just a day or two after our visit, we’ll send you a bid pack in the mail. Protect your plant and equipment from fly-by-nighters and contact Janney Painting Inc. today, your trusted East Coast painting contractor.

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